’19 Nigerians have been killed by security personnel during lockdown’ – Amnesty international


According to Amnesty International, 19 Nigerians have so far been killed by security operatives during the lockdown to contain the spread of Coronavirus.

The lockdown in Nigeria began in March in some states and in April in others and a task force was set up to ensure compliance.

Unfortunately, in the course of carrying out their duties, some Nigerians were killed.

Joseph Pessu was shot dead by a soldier in Warri on Thursday, April 2. His death sparked outrage and counter attacks as youths beat up soldiers and soldiers, in turn, threatened to deal with members of the community and rape their women.

Also, a policewoman was shot dead by her male colleague who is a member of the Rivers state taskforce on the COVID-19 lockdown. The incident happened on April 23.

Amnesty International puts the total number of those killed in Nigeria at 19.

A tweet shared by Amnesty International Nigeria reads: “We have been monitoring human rights violation on lockdown in the fight against #COVID?19: —So far 19 Nigerians have been killed by security personnel: #COVID19NIGERIA.”

They added: “On lockdown, in the fight against #COVID?19 Nigerians have been experiencing human rights violations. This is unacceptable and must end:”


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