A french woman was arrested in Toulouse, France for placing a banner in her own front garden, saying “Macronavirus


A french woman in Toulouse, France, was arrested and locked up for 4 hours for hanging a banner in her own front garden, saying “Macronavirus – when is the end?

The woman agreed with a police order to dispose the banner on April 21, but officers returned a day later with a summons for a hearing on April 23. When she showed up, she was taken into custody for “contempt.” She was released after four hours, local media reports said.

The banner that was critical of President Emmanuel Macron had been hung on the woman’s garden wall in Toulouse – and the word “Macronavirus” was a reference to a cover of the satirical Charlie Hebdo magazine from January.

A lots of people took to Twitter with the hashtag to discrimenate the police.


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