COPS: Teens tried hiring hitman after girl’s stepdad caught them in bed


A teen couple from Pennsylvania were arrested Friday for allegedly plotting to kill the girl’s stepdad after he caught them sleeping together, a report said.

Dillian Mikel Weaver, 19, of Williamsport, and Angelina Grace Peluso, 16, of Trout Run, are accused of trying to recruit a hitman to kill Howard Blackburn, according to PennLive, citing police.

Upset over Blackburn’s reaction to catching them in bed together on Thursday morning, Peluso allegedly lied to Weaver over Snapchat, claiming her stepfather sexually assaulted her, according to arrest affidavits obtained by the news site.

Weaver, fuming over the allegations, reached out to another woman on Snapchat about his desire to have Blackburn killed by somebody.

“He gets off work at 5:30 so we’d have to be there before him and get him as soon as he gets out of his truck before he goes inside. We need to cover our faces … they have cameras there,” Weaver texted the woman, according to the affidavits.

“Just gotta take his body and dispose of him somewhere. So he’s never heard from..or found,” Weaver wrote.

The woman directed Weaver to a possible hitman. Weaver contacted the unidentified man and detailed the scheme to kill Blackburn, the report said.

“I just need him gone and no questions asked yk?” Weaver told the man, according to the affidavits.

But later Thursday night, the man notified authorities, saying he thought the murder-for-hire plot was a joke.

On Friday, the possible-hitman-turned-informant told Weaver another man, who could provide a gun, wanted to meet in person, according to the affidavits.

The informant and an undercover cop picked up Weaver Friday, where the boyfriend was recorded saying he wanted Blackburn dead.

Weaver and Peluso were later taken into custody. They were charged with criminal solicitation to commit first-degree murder, conspiracy to commit first-degree murder and criminal use of a communication device, the report said.


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