CORONAVIRUS: Brits to be advised to wear face mask at work, in shops or on transport with lockdown set to last into 2021


The British Government will advise its citizens to wear face masks at work, in shops, or on public transport with Coronavirus lockdown set to last into 2021.

According to The Sun, Government’s top scientists met on Tuesday to decide on the face-covering move to help stop the coronavirus spread, amid fears that social distancing will roll into 2021, as chances of a vaccine within a year are slim.

This comes after a Britain’s top doctor issued a warning that the nation may have to live with tough social distancing measures for “the next calendar year”.

Chief Medical Officer Chris Whitty also stressed that the chances of a vaccine in the next year were “incredibly small”.

He said: “In the long run, the exit from this is going to be one of two things, ideally.

“A vaccine, and there are a variety of ways they can be deployed . . . or highly effective drugs so that people stop dying of this disease even if they catch it.”

But he added: “The probability of having those any time in the next calendar year are incredibly small and I think we should be realistic about that.

“We’re going to have to rely on other social measures, which of course are very socially disruptive as everyone is finding at the moment. “But it’s going to take a long time.”

Earlier this week, The Sun exclusively reported that Brits should not expect to see a return to normal life in 2020, because ministers are expected to issue the masking advice as soon as the weekend.

The publication claimed that the new guidance will be for any face-covering to be used, even just a scarf, and will apply to all who go into confined spaces with others where it is difficult to observe the two-metre distancing rule.

Compulsory orders to wear masks are not expected, but it was reported that it may happen when the lockdown restrictions loosen.


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