France President Macron extends lockdown to 11 May, in TV Address


WE WILL PREVAIL, BUT WE STILL HAVE TO LIVE WITH THE VIRUS FOR ANOTHER SEVERAL MONTHS, France’s President Emmanuel Macron has just delivered his third TV address on the coronavirus, announcing the extension of a nationwide lockdown to stem the spread of coronavirus.

The lockdown, Macron said, would be extended until 11 May.

Under the rules, which are enforced by police, anyone who goes outside is required to carry a document stating their reason for leaving home.

Here’s what else he said:

He thanked essential workers in all sectors for “allowing our nation to continue to operate” during the pandemic

He admitted the French government was not prepared for the crisis, acknowledging shortcomings in delivering medical supplies to hospitals

France’s borders will remain closed to non-EU countries until further notice
Restaurants, bars, cinemas and other public venues will remain closed, and festivals cannot be held until mid-July

The elderly, and those with severe disabilities or suffering from chronic illnesses, must remain confined even after restrictions begin being eased
Schools, colleges and high schools will gradually reopen from 11 May

All people with symptoms of coronavirus will be tested from 11 May
In co-operation with its EU partners, France will ramp up research into developing a vaccine against coronavirus


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