Stephanie Matto has deactivated her instagram account, 90 Day Fiance


The popular Youtuber has been getting a lot of backlash on social media since her relationship with Australian photographer Erika Owens started playing out on the show.
Stephanie had close to 60k followers on instagram.

Stephanie’s friend revealed the news on her handle, she wrote;

We took this picture at the airport right before Stephanie left for Australia. If I knew then what I know now about how everything was going to be edited and all the hate she would receive, I would have turned that car around and not let her go.

With tonight’s episode inevitably just bringing in more scrutiny I decided that I was going to take a moment to say what I see my from my view.
Stephanie, your sexuality and illness do no define who you are. Your sexuality is something you let few of us know for so long and I’m proud of you for sharing it the way you did. I just wish the way the show shared it would showcase more of the good that happened in-between everything they are showing.
Your illness is something you’ve learned to live with and I love you don’t let it stop you for doing the things you want to do. You’ve found so many ways to live your life without out sacrificing your health. You decided to do this show because it was supposed to be fun for everyone. No one could have foreseen anything that happened or how they would broadcast it.

You went to Australia with pure intentions. It’s okay that all the Karens, Carols and Susans want to shit talk you and say nasty things online. They’re all middle aged mothers who hate their children and are in unhappy marriages. (Generalized statement.) I would shit talk you too if I were them.
Death threats are not okay. I want you to remember that. No matter how many any of us get them. It’s just a show and crazy people feeling some type of way. (Also where I’m referring to these Karens, Carols and Susans)

Just remember, this show is cringeworthy, laughable, lovable and the epitome of what a SHIT SHOW should be. At this point all we can say is FUCK IT. Keep owning all the things about you that make you, you.
I love you always.

Meanwhile Before she deactivated her account, Stephanie prepared for the latest episode of 90 Day Fiance, she made this known on her IG stories asking viewers to abstain from leaving hateful comments on Erika or Adam’s social media.

I am not leaving you guys, but simply shifting my focus towards more positive social networking. I suppose I will reactivate Instagram eventually, perhaps after episodes of the reality show I am on stop airing, but for now, it’ll remain disabled. She stated.

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