Trump bashes media agencies NY Times and Washington Post, after applauding Politico for their apology for a wrong report about him


US President, Donald Trump, has praised American news site, Politico, for apologizing about a wrong post made about him while continuing his bashing of some of his least favorite media agencies – NY Post and Washington Post.

Politico, reported last week that the president owed China some money, but the paper’s chief editor took to Twitter to release a long note apologizing for the wrong report.

According to Politico they got the report wrong as Trump didn’t owe China any money. The Editor said they should have contacted the Bank of China first of all before publishing the report.

Trump, who has criticized the mainstream media in the US for most of his presidency, took to Twitter and retweeted a tweet about Politico’s apology then captioned his tweet ‘At least they admit it. The Failing @nytimes & @washingtonpost never correct their Fake Reporting!’


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