Couple get married in garden with dogs as bridesmaids after wedding is cancelled due to coronavirus (photos)


Autumn Wood, 28, and Christian Miller, 28, from Cincinnati, Ohio, were unable to go ahead with the wedding they had planned because of lockdown – and so came up with another way to tie the knot.

Their ceremony was officiated by Autumn’s brother-in-law, who they are isolating with, and saw them don face masks and have dogs Sasha and Oreo as stand in bridesmaids.

Just Autumn’s mother Cindi, Christian’s parents Tom and Barb and Christian’s brother Ben were present as the sweet couple got married on April 20 – the anniversary of the day they met.

The couple were able to transform their back garden with decorations they had already purchased for their original wedding day – which they have rescheduled until after lockdown.

Newlywed Autumn, an IT supervisor, said: ‘I had already gathered a lot of decorations and with our anniversary coming up, we just didn’t want to wait to be married any longer.

‘Christian, his parents and I spent the day transforming the backyard with things we had planned to use in May and we sent out a notice on Facebook for our families to join the live-stream so they could watch our ceremony.

‘Our dogs Sasha and Oreo were my stand in bridesmaids and, although they were very good and didn’t bark at all, they totally stole the show!

‘My new brother-in-law Ben married us and then cooked us all an incredible steak dinner followed by a delicious carrot cheesecake made by my mother-in-law Barb.

‘Afterwards, we sat by the fire and listened to our wedding playlist for the rest of the night.

‘It was perfect – it wasn’t what I planned and it didn’t go the way I had been planning for months but I wouldn’t trade it.

‘I felt beautiful, it was all about me and the love of my life and I think looking back it’s going to be a wonderful story and moment for us.’

She told how the ceremony was a ‘welcome break’ from the pandemic, and insisted that she’ll ‘cherish’ the memory of their big day forever.

‘I think our friends and family needed a break from the chaos and for a moment, we gave them that peace. I’ll cherish that forever.’

After months of planning the perfect day, the engaged pair were devastated when lockdown caused their wedding on on May 23 to be cancelled.

But unwilling to let the virus ruin their big day, the pair stood beneath a beautifully decorated wooden arch on their porch decorated with fairy lights, as they made their vows.

The couple have also rescheduled their honeymoon to Disneyland, planned for August.

See photos below.


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