”Disgusting” reasons woman can’t wear shoes [photos]


Arinda Storm Weaver very rarely cuts her toenails and as a result they’re incredibly long.

So long, that she can’t wear closed-toe shoes or go for a run.

And while the length shocks some people, there are many who really enjoy them and a number will even pay her for videos of her feet.

The 58-year-old who lives in Columbus, Ohio, charges £11.50 for a 10-minute clip of her toenails and makes so much money from these videos that she was able to quit her career as an account specialist.

She also shares photos of her hands and feet on social media – which is where she first discovered nail fetishes were a thing.

Back in 2006, while recovering from a double mastectomy, Arinda uploaded a few photos of her long finger nails to MySpace, just to show them off.

They soon began garnering a lot of attention and she realised there was also serious money to be made, especially from toes.

Speaking to Metro, she said: “I opted to start growing them for the toenail guys.

“I discovered I could make money from having long toenails. So, I just let them grow.”

Arinda now identifies as a LNB, a Long Nail Beauty.

And while she does make a lot of money from her nails, there are a few downsides.

She explained: “Wearing closed-toed shoes is not possible with my toenails.

“I also cannot wear heels any longer. They tend to make me walk slower and I also cannot run with them.”


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