Louis Theroux accidentally chops off the tip of his finger while slicing onions


Louis Theroux has accidentally chopped off the tip of his finger while slicing onions.

The documentarian, 49, had to bandage himself up after he had the mishap while chopping a red onion over the weekend.

The journalist shared a snap of his injury on Instagram while looking rather glum.

He explained he had been making a Jamie Oliver recipe for carrot and coriander pancakes when he cut the top of his finger.

The father-of-three said he ‘went pale and had to lie down’ after the accident.

He admitted: ‘Family not impressed by my lack of stoicism. Me too frankly.

‘Still haven’t found the missing piece of finger.’

In the comments under the post, TV presenter Matt Baker joked: ‘I think the recipe says ginger not finger.’


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