Premier league star Hugo Lloris buys elite guard dog for £15K


Spurs goalkeeper Hugo Lloris has picked up a £15,000 guard dog — the latest Premier League ace to do so.

France’s captain, 33, bought the mutt from Elite Protection Dogs to mind his family and home when he’s away.>

The London-based firm uses only German and Belgian Shepherds that “come from military and police backgrounds”.

Its website says the dogs are “dedicated to shield you . . .  from any possible danger or threat as taught through intense training, mental stability and obedience”.

The firm said: “The military and police all around the world tend to choose these breeds as their first choice, as do we.

“These dogs have the highest IQ in the protection dog category.”

The London-based firm added: “We produce two types of trained dogs- a guard dog and a personal protection dog.

“Guard dogs are typically very independent and don’t need companionship as they are trained to guard a territory. They are taught to refuse food from strangers and react to intruders. Guard dogs are mainly suited for farms and gated areas. Prices start from £10,000.

“A personal protection dog is not only a family friendly pet but also a form of protection. They crave a family bond, affection and love and are very child friendly. Prices start from £15,000.”

Dad-of-three Hugo joins fellow Prem stars Paul Pogba, Raheem Sterling and Jamie Vardy in snapping up a guard dog.


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