Tupac’s haunting last words as he was bleeding to death uncovered in bombshell police docs


Tupac Shakur’s haunting last words as he was bleeding to death have been revealed in bombshell police documents.

The files, which have been kept private for 24 years, have now been published and reveal the rapper spent his last moments worried about his friend Marion ‘Suge’ Knight.

The documents also include an incident report about the shooting, crime scene analysis papers and statements from the attending police officers.

Knight was in the car with Tupac on the night of the shooting in Las Vegas in 1996.

The music mogul was injured in the attack as he attempted to protect his pal, sustaining grazes from bullet which whizzed past his head.

He drove the fatally injured rapper to the hospital, and now the newly-published papers reveal the music star’s last words were asking about his friend’s condition.

Tupac told Knight: “You the one they shot in the head. You shot in the head.”

The superstar was taken to hospital, but doctors were unable to save him.

The documents feature a transcript of Knight’s interview with police in which he described the attack.

The pair were driving along Las Vegas Boulevard on September 7 1996 when they stopped at a traffic light and were pelted with gun shots.

He told cops: “We was having conversation. We heard some gunshots. We looked to the right of us.

“Tupac was like tryin’ to get to the back seat.

“I grabbed him and pulled him down. It was about 15 gun shots. They hit my head. I grabbed him pulled him down…

“Everything happened so fast… I grabbed him pulled him down and topped him.

“I thought I got shot in my head, which I did.”

The pair were travelling with a security team at the time, with the bodyguards following them in a car behind.
In the interview, police officers asked Knight what they did to help and he expressed his anger that they didn’t offer more assistance during the shooting.

He said: “Your guess is as good as mine. The guy gets paid a lot of money to be protection.

“I don’t understand it to this day. This is one of the reasons Tupac and myself was more comfortable because we knew we had Tupac’s bodyguards behind this. That is the idea for them.”

In his statement, Knight also dismissed claims Tupac was carrying a gun at the time of the attack and insisted he didn’t see the shooters or have any clues about their identity.

The documents were released by the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department following a legal battle in 2017 when they were sued for failing to make them public.

Tupac’s murder remains unsolved.


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