Norwegian princess says dating a black man has opened her eyes to racism and white supremacy


Norway’s Princess Märtha Louise said being in a relationship with a black man has given her a ‘crash course in white supremacy’ after witnessing how he is treated.

The princess, 48, said that before she began dating self-described shaman Durek Verrett, 45, in May 2019, she did not realise how widespread racism is.

She wrote in an Instagram post: ‘Being @shamandurek ‘s girlfriend has given me a crash course in how white supremacy is at play and the way I have consciously and subconsciously thought of and acted towards black people.

‘It is in the details (which I had no idea still existed).’

The princess added that since she and Verrett began dating, she noticed that many of her friends instantly distrusted him.

‘It is in the way people shy away from Durek. How friends assume he lies about everything,’ she wrote.

‘That he is evil for being kind. The words muttered under their breath, making it perfectly clear to him that he does not have a natural place at the table.

‘The press presents him as a liar, being violent and a threat to my family and myself, sharing scrupulously his X’s [ex’s] story without checking facts, because it supports the belief system already in place about him. THAT IS RACISM!’

The mother-of-three went on to say in the post to her 98,000 followers that she has taken her ‘rights for granted’ and never properly examined ‘what racism really is.’

‘I am not proud of it, but I realize I need to grow into understanding this deeply rooted system to be able to be part of the dismantling of it,’ she wrote.

‘I, as a white person, need to grow, educate myself and become better and move from being against racism to being anti-racist.’

The post comes just four days after the princess shared a lengthy emotional Instagram post about the death of black man George Floyd.

He died after white police officer Derek Chauvin pinned him to the ground by kneeling on his neck last month.

Alongside an image of a protester, the Norwegian royal wrote: ‘It grieves me so deeply that we as a human race has not developed past killing each other, bringing someone else down, hurting each other because of our own insecurities….Stop this inhumanity #BlackLivesMatter’.

She added: ‘Stop!!! It has been going on for too long; the killing of innocent men and women!

‘Who are these Monsters of Distorted Believes thinking they have the right to kill someone just because a different pigment of their skin?’

She continued: ‘When will we wake up to see that we are part of the same creation? That we are all the same? When will we wake up to see we trust and love each other, because that is what we are here on earth to do.

‘How many more men and women will die, get hurt, get bullied, get threatened, before anything changes?’


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