Relationship – Woman ram into ex lover with her SUV, killing him on the spot


A woman allegedly murdered her ex-lover by pinning him up against a wall with her Toyota Kluger after finding him at home with a love rival.

Jackline Musa, 44, allegedly hit her former partner Payman Thagipur, 31, with her vehicle in a car park of a unit complex on Hill Road near Half Street, Wentworth Point in Sydney’s inner-west just after 8.30pm on Saturday night.

Mr Thagipur was treated at the scene by police until New South Wales ambulance paramedics arrived but he died a short time later.

Musa was arrested and taken to Concord Hospital under police guard for treatment and mandatory testing before she was charged with murder.

Shocking footage has since emerged of police officers trying to revive Mr Thagipur while he lay dying of the car park floor.

‘Mate, keep breathing, don’t stop breathing,’ an emergency worker could be heard saying in a video released by 7 News.

‘You’re doing well mate, you’re doing well. Stay with us.’

Police tried to calm Mr Thagipur and make him comfortable as he took his final breaths.

Officers allege that Ms Musa attacked her ex lover after she found another woman inside his apartment.

Naaz Ali lived next door to the victim and said she witnessed the alleged attack from just metres away.

Her hands shook as she recalled the moment Ms Musa allegedly walked by her former lover’s mangled body and admired it ‘as though it was a canvas she painted’.

‘The man’s body was just so badly mangled and blood and I think I just lost my mind after that,’ she told the network.

She said she was the one who first raised the alarm with police.

Residents inside the apartment complex said the whole building shook after the collision in the car park.

One said: ‘He was on his side, in the corner, struggling to breath.’

Friends gathered at the scene to grieve the loss of Mr Thagipur, who was described as a ‘gentle man’.

They said he had only recently moved into the unit complex with a dog named Coco.

Musa appeared at Parramatta Bail Court on Sunday morning where she was refused bail and will remain in prison until another court appearance on Thursday.

Police said the entire incident was captured on CCTV and there had been numerous witnesses at the scene.

The pair were previously in a relationship but police say there were no prior domestic violence incidents between the pair.

Police said witnesses have been traumatised by what they saw and described the scene as ‘chaotic’.

A man and a woman, believed to be Musa’s children, told the Daily Telegraph that they were not aware of incident when approached at her home in Quakers Hill on Sunday.

They said they had not heard from their mother since Saturday night and had assumed she was at work.

The man said he was not aware that his mother had ever had a boyfriend and had never heard of Mr Thagipu.

Friends of Mr Thagipu, who is originally from Iran, said he told them he was meeting a woman on Saturday and would meet them afterwards.

They crew concerned when he didn’t answer his phone.

The victim’s best friend, Samuel Zizi, said Mr Thagipur worked as a painter and had never mentioned Musa to him.


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