Covid19: French President Emmanuel Macron set to announce new lockdown on Wednesday at 8pm


Macron will announce the government’s next move to battle the second wave of the virus during a televised address to the nation on Wednesday night at 8pm. 

The president met with top government ministers on Tuesday and will hold another emergency defence council meeting on Wednesday morning. 

Speculation has been rife in France this week that the government will announce some kind of lockdown whether localised in certain hot spots such as Paris or Lyon or a national lockdown on weekends and tighter curfews starting from 7pm. 

But widespread reports on Tuesday evening suggested Macron and the government are in favour of imposing a four-week national lockdown from midnight on Thursday, but with primary schools and public services to remain open. 

The state of crisis became clear on Tuesday evening when the public health body Santé Publique France reported 523 more Covid-19 related deaths. 

Tuesday’s death toll was inflated because it included the number of recent deaths reported in care homes as well as hospitals in the last 24 hours. 

On Monday France reported 266 deaths but only in hospitals. 

Bars and restaurants would have to close completely however. 

Reports also said secondary schools would also close.

It was not clear if all shops would be allowed to stay open or just those selling essential goods such as groceries, which was the case in spring.

However the country will likely have to wait until Macron’s speech to know for sure what the impact will be on their daily lives.


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