French President Macron announces a new national lockdown in France as of Friday till December 1st


French president Emmanuel Macron announces lockdown as of Friday, but a less strict version than the one this spring
Schools will stay open, but universities will close
Bars and restaurants will close
Gatherings will be banned
An attestation form will be needed to leave the home 
“I have decided that we have to, as of Friday, return to confinement,” Macron said, in a live televised speech on Wednesday evening, October 28th
This lockdown would be less rigid than the one France lived through this spring, the president said.
“Schools will stay open, work can continue and elderly nursing homes can be visited,” Macron said.
Covid-19 patients now occupied more than half of the country’s hospital beds, the president said, which meant hospitals were beginning to postpone surgeries and treatments to deal with the mounting pressure.
“If we don’t put a brutal brake on the transmissions today, our hospitals will be saturated,” Macron said.
“The second wave will without doubt be more deadly than the first.. nothing is more important than human life,” Macron said. “My responsibility is to protect the French.”
Starting Friday and until December 1st, everyone who could would have to work from home, the president said. All public gatherings were banned. Schools will remain open – crèches, primary and secondary schools and high schools – however universities will close and move over to virtual lectures. 
“Every 15 days, we will look at the evolution of the epidemic. We will decide, if necessary, on additional measures and will then assess whether we can alleviate certain constraints,” he said.
The attestation – permission slip – to go outside would be reinstated, meaning a return to police checks to see that those out on the street had a valid reason for being outside.
As for travel, the president said travel between regions would be “tolerated” until the end of the weekend, in order to let those currently away on Toussaint holiday return to their homes.
More details on the different measures will be announced tomorrow, Thursday, “at the end of the day”.
Macron appealed to the solidarity of the nation, asking that the country “stay united and not concede to division.”
“We have done everything possible and I am convinced that our strategy is the good one,” Macron said.
“This period is difficult but it is a revelation of who we are.. Whether we succeed will depend on the civility of each and one of us.
“I believe in us, in you. We need to hold on, all of us, until there’s a vaccine.”


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