Actress: Tonton dikeh shows off her luxurious jewelry~details below


The beautiful and talented actress and a single mother of one 

Tonton Dikeh one of Nigeria most influential actress in the movie industry (Nollywood) who have featured in several movies

A star and a single mom as well, she for a minute turned to a gospel minister 

as she prayed for her fans to be at her level for those who wish to be like her

In her statement she wrote in her Facebook page “I pray you blossom into whom you were truly meant to be…”

After she wrote this she displayed her luxurious gold jewelries 

Although apart from being an actor she came from a very wealthy family and she is a successful single mom too

Her emerging to nollywood has also sprinkle some brightness in the movie industry 

No doubt she is a star and that’s how her fans and none fans sees her

Despite being rich she is also a happy single mom. 


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