CLARK: we the Ijaws will support the Igbos for presidency~details below


 South–South leader, chief Edwin Clark former commissioner for information had opined that president Muhammadu Buhari 

Successor should emerge from the South –East geo-political zone of the country. 
Clark’s revelation attracts the backing of the President General of Ohaneze Ndigbo professor George Obiozor
Who aired the call for Igbo presidency for 2023.
However chief Clark opined that the Igbo president should emerge from the South East and urges the Igbo speaking tribe from Delta state and Rivers state to pledge support to archive it in 2023 rather than aspire for the same goal.
Airing from his residence in Asokoro in Abuja when he received the leadership of Ohaneze Ndigbo and some South East leaders led by Professors George Obiozor, the President General, the Elder Statesman who is the leader for the Pan-Niger Delta Forum, PANDEF. 
Speaking that the time has come for the South Eastern region to produce the president of Nigeria for 2023 and the right time is now. 
The Ijaw leader Chief Clark who called for synergy, and sacrifice among the people said that the struggle may not be easy but the region must reach out to other geo-political zone of the country 
Woo and engage with them, he also added that the south East region must put their house in order, work in unity as one indivisible zone. 
However Chief Clark added that, the Era that we are currently is that we have agreed to work together 
How do we go on, how do we move on? I think that is the stage we have reached. 
“I don’t belong to any political party but I honestly speak my mind. The man who politics in Nigeria was late Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe I knew him when I was 20 years old when he visited Warri we trekked 12 miles to go and see him. 
Some of the problems we are facing today in delta was as a result of support for Azikiwe, and without that we would not have gotten Mid-west region which later became Bendel state and now Edo and Delta states, we are together we are one. 
“We are supporting the South East region’, anybody from Mid-West, Oshimili North and South, Aniocha North and South, Ika, Agbor, Ukwuani if you say I am ready to be president of Nigeria because I am an Igbo, that is punishable when you do, something that people don’t like that is abominable. 
“I have said it all the Igbos in Anioma, Rivers, Delta, where ever they are this is the time for Igbo South-East president. 
We have the same problem when we went for the 2014 National Conference, we said that the South-East has five states, they should be given additional states so that everyone will have same States like in other zones, if that will stabilize Nigeria create them. 
“We want the president coming after Buhari to come from the South-East we are together. 
“Let me advise if you are fighting a war or fighting for anything at all, and we must put our house in order first, what do we do with other voices that are not in tandem with our voices?  
We must find a way to see what can be done, they have their point but at the same time they must listen to us”.
In his remarks earlier, professor George Obiozor restated Ohaneze’s position that it is the turn of the South-East to produce a president for Nigeria in 2023, insisting that equity, unity and natural justice support the clamor. 
He noted that Nigeria as a country is in serious pain and agony, he said that the time has come for the restoration of dignity of man and national healing. 
The Ohaneze president General who warned against the use of violence and military tactics to address problems confronting the country– he said that if that is used the more factionalized the country would be and lead to synchronized national crisis and if not checked would lead to inevitable disintegration. 
Professor Obiozor noted that the time has come for the South-East and South-South to form a stronger synergy 
In addition he said the time when South-East people were used against South-East is over. 


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