FAYOSE–Presidency has now become employer and defender of terrorists~details below



Ayodele Fayose, the former governor of Ekiti state has identified as appalling, the current situation of Nigeria 
where the presidency has allegedly become the defender and employer of Boko Haram terrorists and armed bandits 
The ex-governor also advises Nigerians to be security conscious in other not to fall prey to the deadly terrorist 
who have taken over the entire country expresses concern that no where is safe in the country presently. 
fayose in a statement on Sunday by media aid Lere Olayinka that the issue of the Minister of Communication Digital Economy, Isa Pantami has exposed the Hypocrisy of the government and the complicity 
He added that “it is saddening and worrisome that the that spokesmen of the President were the ones going from one media house to the other defending someone who openly supported terrorist”. 
The former governor further said that “in the last three days over 300 Nigerians has been killed across the country, and so many others are in captivity 
and this is not enough for president Muhammadu Buhari and his men to wear sackcloth and cover themselves with ashes, rather they are seen making merry as if nothing has happened. 
Fayose alleged that it is really painful that Nigeria is governed by those who were at one time or the other nominated as Boko Haram negotiator 
while their lieutenant are those who have openly kicked against military actions against Boko Haram terrorists and rejected the categorization as terrorists organizations. 
He further said “those ruling Nigeria, particularly at the federal level are acting as if the country is about the government and them, forgetting that the government is about the country and its people” 
He alleged that, with the deadly killing of Nigerians in North, South, East and west it was certain that Nigerians must be impatient to send this APC government packing in 2023. 
Having made this mistake of bringing this clueless person to power in 2015, in fact waiting between now and 2023 will remain a pain in the heart of Nigerians. 
It is funny that today if those tuning the affairs of the country are not telling us that armed bandits must be seen as innocent until proven guilty, 
they Will be saying offense of the forgery is more grievous than an open declaration for support for terrorist. 
“Because of their inability to take decisive actions against these terrorists that they appear to be have sympathy for, Nigeria is no longer safe for any one to live in”. 
“our roads have been taken over by terrorists, while Nigerians and traditional rulers are now being abducted right inside their bed room. 
“It is therefore my counsel to Nigerians that they should stay in their domains at the moment and avoid traveling around the country, those staying in isolated areas should endeavor to move to where there are more people”. 
“it is my prayer that God will restore peace and normalcy to our country”. 


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