Rebecca Roberts: the lady who got pregnant while being pregnant~details below


According to report the baby Noah at first, was all alone in her mother’s womb growing beatifically 

The baby Noah first close-ups, were taken by ultrasound at seven and 10 weeks showed, and the 39 years old mom Rebecca Roberts

And 43 years old hubby Rhys Weaver, the baby they tried to conceive for more than a year

3 months into the pregnancy baby Noah suddenly had company.

An ultrasound taken at week 12 showed that Noah had an unexpected little sister — (fraternal twin) Rosalie 

The mother of the baby Rebecca Robert’s said “I got pregnant whilst I was already pregnant, which was absolutely crazy… Because that’s not supposed to happen. 

Baby Noah was joined in utero by fraternal twin Rosalie some three weeks after Noah's conception.
This is called a superfetation getting 
pregnant while already carrying a baby is
 so rare that one 2008 study found fewer 
than 10 recorded cases in the world 
Doctor told the couple that the babies 
were actually conceived about three 
weeks apart, Rebecca said 
“they realized that the baby was growing 
at a consistent rate of three weeks 
the first one, and it was then that they 
said to me, they think this is a 
superfetation pregnancy”, she said 
According to Dr. Lillian Schapiro Atlanta gynecologist said, 
superfetation are rare for a variety 
of reasons. 
First, women typically ovulate only 
once per cycle, releasing one or more 
eggs simultaneously. 
If fertilization by the man’s sperm is successful, the egg or eggs then 
implant in 
the uterus, the pregnancy begins and no further ovulation occurs 
The both baby was born by cesarean September 2020, both babies did 
have to spend time in separate 
intensive care units (NICU)  
Noah was able to come home in three 
weeks, but little Rosalie remained in 
intensive care 
for 95 days, coming home just before Christmas. 


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