Shocking: Nigeria man who was mocked by his Nigerian teacher gets two foreign degrees~details below


 “I had told my teacher then that I will make an A-grade in the subject, not the most easiest subject to get an A-grade”

A young man Mr Kelechukwu Onwukamike has proven his teacher wrong after getting a two foreign degrees in chemistry. 
Kelechukwu who to took to social media to celebrate his academic achievement in recollection to his past ordeal. 
The brilliant Nigeria man who was honored with the Germany best (PhD) award in chemistry was some 13 years old when he was mocked by his secondary school chemistry teacher. 
He did not only surpassed his teacher expectations but he flabbergasted his teacher by holding two foreign PhD’s in the same subject (chemistry) his teacher mocked him about. 
He wowed social media with his unbelievable academic success. 
Kelechukwu Onwukamike who currently holds a PhD in Organic Polymer Chemistry KIT Germany, and the University of Bordeaux, France. 
He recalled how his teacher questioned and doubted his resolve to bag an A-grade in chemistry. 
According to Kelechukwu, “incident occured when he went to write his GCE examination in 2007 to the teacher’s surprise he got an A in the course eventually”. 
“I had told my teacher then that I would make an A-grade in the subject; not the most easiest subject to get an A-grade”.
“On the day of the practicals, the teacher came to my desk he looked at my work in dismay”.
“I was perplexed, posed, I couldn’t figure out where I had gone wrong”. 
“When the exam was over just as I was about to leave hall, my teacher approached me and said, is this how you are going to have an A-grade in chemistry?” 
“5 months later the result came out I had an A-grade in. 
“4 years later I graduated with a first class degree in chemistry. 
“12 years later in 2019, I graduated with a double PhD degree in chemistry. 
” 13 years later, I got the Germany best PhD award in chemistry”. 
Kelechukwu challenge his followers that they are in for a shock, that there is nothing God can not do. 
He further said, “do not let anyone tell you, you can’t make it tell him or her I can make it. 


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