V.P Osinbajo–urges political elites to speak the truth to their communities~details below


 The vice President of Nigeria Yemi Osinbajo has on Tuesday evening in Abuja urges political elites to speak the truths to their people

He stated that, Nigeria cannot afford a second civil war, he charges political elites to speak the truth against forces of division in order to preserve the unity of Nigeria.

The vice President speaking from Abuja with All Progressive Congress (APC)  leaders from the South East majorly chieftain and members from Anambra state.

Vice President Osinbajo while speaking he said, “we can not afford a second civil war it is the political elites that will determine what will take place”. 

“If we keep quite, if we say nothing and hope that things will normalize we may be wrong and we may find ourselves heading to something worse than we are seeing today”.

He further noted that “if the political elites does not speak up, if we don’t see anything wrong in what is going on, if we allow it to slide, we will endanger ourselves and endanger the future of our dear country (Nigeria)”.

He alleged that “I know that every conflict is as a result of elites failure, failure to speak up and tell the truth to their communities, that is the cause of every one of these civil conflicts”.

“So I will urge that we speak up, I will urge that we stand for something. Sometimes it’s it is dangerous to stand for something, but the greater danger of course, is to keep quiet”.

Osinbajo further said that “the thing about the kind of conflicts in this part of our world is that it is a usually a war without end. Everyone who thinks they have some money stored up somewhere is wrong, you will eventually run out”.

Recalling a personal experience he observed in Somalia in the 90’s when he went there to work with the United Nations

Vice president Osinbajo said that, he saw a Supreme Court Justice whom he had known before queuing up for food in the aftermath of civil conflict in the country”. 

“everyone who thinks they can go and hide up somewhere, you won’t even find a place. In the end everyone will suffer. Parents, children, young people, old people will suffer. 

Prof. Osinbajo while speaking about the forthcoming primaries for the governorship election in Anambra state, the vice president said a fair process orv fairness of justice will be fundamental in ensuring in ensuring victory for the party at the polls. 

Vice president Yemi Osinbajo further noted that “to be fair and just is not the responsibility of the spirits, it is the responsibility of the men and women of our party, especially the leadership. 

Party chieftains presents at the meeting included, former senate president Mr Ken Nnamani, minister of state for Mines and Steel Development– Mr Uche Ogah, minister of State for Labour and Productivity

Other party leaders and members from the South East and the special adviser to the president on political matters senator Babafemi Ojudu, among other notable individuals. 


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