Anthony Joshua: every thing I am is what Tyson Fury wished for~details below


 Tyson Fury make a big deal about how he drinks pint as if to let fans think that he does not care about his physique, but he really does— Anthony Joshua. 

According to Joshua “Tyson Fury wished he had my kind of body, everything I am is what Fury wished for”. 

Anthony Joshua further noted that Fury knows he can’t slack off for their fight and expect to win.

That is the reason why Tyson Fury is really working hard trying to trim down. 

“not surprisingly Tyson Fury let himself get out of shape during the Covid19 pandemic and he’s got to work hard to get himself trimmed off all the pounds that he’s packed on him”. 

Anthony Joshua–Tyson Fury fight which kick off between July and August, Fury has a lot of catching up to do for him to get to the sharpness level that Joshua is currently. 

“the man will talk about drinking pint and he’s not interested and yet he wants to look chiseled—Joshua talks to Deeney while analyzing Fury”. 

“But Anthony Joshua has a good body, and he’s a bodybuilder; it’s psychologically warfare, Fury wants a six-pack. I am everything Fury wants to be”. 


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