Palestinian and Israel conflict raises concerns~details below



According Israeli military spokesman, Israel is preparing combat troops and is in “various stages of preparing ground operations,” after Israel gave 24 hours peace to Palestinians.

But the Palestinians have so far fired 500 rockets against Israel destroyed several buildings with casualties in mass. 

Israelis assess the damage caused by an Palestinians air strike in the town of Khan Yunis, in the southern Gaza Strip.

Heavy exchanges of rocket fire and air strikes, and rioting in mixed Jewish-Arab towns, fuelled fears today that deadly violence between Israel and Palestinians could spiral into “full-scale war”. 

People gather amidst the rubble in front of Al-Sharouk tower that collapses after being hit by an air strike, in Gaza City. 

An Israeli air strike destroyed a multi-storey building in Gaza City today, reporters said, as the Palestinians are not ready for peace continued firing of rickets to the Israelis of enclave. (Mohammed ABED, via VCG)

Smoke rises from 14-story building as Israeli fighter jets pound a Palestinian building called “Ash-Shuruq” at Omar Al-Mukhtar neighbourhood in the Gaza Strip.

World leaders have started calling for peace between Israel and Palestinians, but the Palestinians are not granting a breathing space for peace talk as they keep firing rockets to the Israelis. 


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