Poisonous chemicals used for preserving Beans have affected over 12,000 Nigerians~details below


On the 1st of April 2021 there were numerous reports of alleged food poisoning from Nigerians.
Nigerian third most popular food ” Bean” has been reported to be poisonous currently after over 12,000 Nigerians have been affected so far from a severe stomach pain.
According to reports, the deadly chemicals used in preserving the food “Beans” is faulted to be the cause.
According to report, deadly chemicals like insecticide “Sniper and “Bagon”  which is used by farmers to preserve Beans from being deteriorated are the major causes of severe stomach pain. 
You will remember in 2020 National Agency for Food and Drug Administration (NAFDA) raised alarm over the use of chemicals in preserving all kinds of foods. 
Some of the foods preserved with chemicals which include, perishable goods, Beans, Rice, Plantain, Banana, Casava and Tomatoes, paw paw and many others. 
This is causing so much worrisome and fear by Nigerians from the consumption of their own food, reports are saying farmers are not being adherence to the law but rather they are after profits and gains by all means. 
According to some of the reports 
“Mr Fayemi Ladupo said “I told my wife to prepare me red oil beans so that I will eat when I get to the office, can you imagine that after eating this beans in less than an hour 
I started having stomach pain I was in the toilet all through before I was admitted to the hospital this was prepared by my wife if it was somebody else I probably think I was being poisoned Fayemi said”. 
A food vendor from Asaba Delta state Mama Ejiro lamented 
“today na bad market for me o after 5 of my customers eat beans finish for my restaurant he nor reach two hours they come one after the other say me poison dem; I say me poison? God forbid! as we dey talk one come with police say na dey woman be this wey poison me
this food (beans) na me prepare am my self I dey popular here I don dey sell food for 13 years for here so why I go poison my customers wey dey feed me?  Mama Ejiro said”. 
A report from Dr Charles Egwu said 
“I’m a Medical doctor and I confirmed this my self, my wife called me to the kitchen and said she had par-boiled this beans like three times the kind of toxic foams evaporating from the beans as she was filtering it I became worried I told her we can’t eat this, so I took the water from the filtered beans to the lab and later 
I confirmed that this beans was preserved with different toxic chemicals which will eventually bring health complications. So I believe (NAFDAC) is doing a great job but they should follow-up with the way farmers preserve food produce for the safety of Nigerians it’s terrible, he said”. 
Same reports have been airing  from many Nigerians on the 1st of April 2021, as many believed farmers are not being hygienic in preserving their farm produce and it is diabolical to use toxic chemicals as preservative. 


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