Timaya to Eedris Abdulkarheem–go and work you dirty looking weed smoker~details below


 Timaya blast Eedris Abdulkarheem over a beef between them, the music star recalled how Eedris boy toyed him when he was his back-up artist.

According to Timaya “I was your back-up artist you did not appreciate me, you regarded me like a nobody

I paid my transport fair to your shows because i was learning, you have never paid me one day instead you disregarded me”.

He further blast Eedris saying, “how many people Don blow through you?

Where are all the people that were with you then?

The dancehall music star left Eedris rap group as a back-up vocalist after working for him for three years. 

To pursue his solo music career ever since then both artist has not been in good terms. 


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