Yoruba activist Sunday Igboho: mocked RCCG pastor Adeboye over his son’s sudden death~details below


 The Yoruba champion and national activist Sunday Adeyemo popular known as “Igboho” in a 6 minutes 37 seconds live video mocks the General overseer of the Redeem Christian Church of God; Pastor Enoch Adeboye over his son’s sudden death. 

According to Sunday Igboho he said –he would not greet or sympathize with Adeboye over the demise of his son pastor Dare because the General Overseer does not support the struggle for the Yoruba nation.

The activist rained curses on Yoruba leaders and pastors who refused to support the secession agenda, saying God will kill their children and wives.

Koiki had asked the activist to send some words to Adeboye through the live video; to sympathize with him over the death of his son.

But, Sunday Igboho instead became obsessed by Koiki’s request as he asked, if the man of God had declared his support for the Yoruba nation? 

In Igboho’s statement he said –Has Baba supported the Yoruba nation that we will now be greeting him? We don’t need to greet Adeboye. What is my own with that? We are not doing church here.This is not religion.

–Pastor Adeboye didn’t speak about the Yoruba nation. Look at the number of crowd in Baba Adeboye’s church. Is he not supposed to tell all of them to join the Yoruba nation? We don’t need to greet him.

–God himself will start asking questions from all the enemies of the Yoruba race. By the grace of God, anybody who says Yoruba will not get to the promised land, God will kill their children and wives and their entire family.

–Anybody who does not support the Yoruba nation, those who have powers, be it, pastors or anybody that has the followers, but does not support Yoruba nation, God I call on you; you’re the one who owns me and the creator of everything.

–Those elders who see our sufferings, who see that the Fulanis are kidnapping us and collecting ransom, but choose not to support us, as you kill their children, kill their wives. So shall it be! Sunday Igboho emphasized.

 –I don’t necessarily have to be in the forefront,” he said.


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