FFK’s former Egyptian lover apologizes after calling him a ‘hallucinogenic man and a liar’



Nesma Galal, Femi Fani-Kayode’s former Egyptian lover has apologized to him after calling him out on social media. 


The romance had gotten to public space in 2020 after Nesma described the former Minister of Aviation as “All my stars my everything in my life” in an Instagram post, to which he responded by writing “My Hatun”, an honorific word for women, equivalent to the English term “My lady.”


However months after this, the Egyptian lady returned to Instagram to call out the former Minister, alleging that she left him because he is not fit to be a husband. 


Nesma’s post at that time read; 


“I left this man forever because he did not deserve to be a husband. Because he’s a hallucinogenic man, traitorous, and a liar.

“He begged my mother to come back to him again, but it’s impossible to come back to him.

“And I did block him from Instagram, Facebook, and WhatsApp and have all the conversations that prove that he’s begging me and my mother to come back, but I refused forever.

“This is a traitorous man. He’s mentally ill, I swear to god.”


She has however now taken to same platform to apologize to him, saying “she erred”. Nesma also disclosed that her previous Instagram post was put out of jealousy. 


Admitting that she loves him, the Egyptian lady added that FFK deserves the best, respect, love and appreciation from her. 


She wrote; 


I erred in your right a lot ‏
‏And I admit that I made a mistake in your right, and when I put a bad post on my page that offended you, it was out of jealousy for you because I am jealous for you
‏ Because was I loved you so much, but I was always saw from you all the best, respect, love and appreciation for me I swear to God
‏ You are a person who deserves respect and appreciation because you are the kindest, noblest, most compassionate, most merciful and most beautiful of God’s creatures
‏Dear femi I apologize to you in front of the world

‏You are the purest of God’s creation

Really You’re beautiful angel 

I’m very sorry charming king femi feni kayode@real_ffk

God bless you forever habibi

 FFK who was in the comment section of the post, thanked her for the apology and disclosed that he misses her every moment. 


He wrote; 


Thank you so much my Hatun. I forgave you a second after I saw the post because I know who and what you are and that you did not mean a word of it. I am sorry if I in any way hurt your feelings but you know that you are my Hatun. Thank you for having the courage and love to reach out. I missed you every second of every minute of every hour of every day and every night. You are my Hatun and no

 The former Minister also wished her a happy birthday on Instagram. He wrote; 


Happy birthday to my beautiful Hatun. May God guide you and be with you and may He grant you many more years of peace, joy, good health and wealth.

You are an angel Nesma and I am really touched by your kind and loving words to me today. You have encouraged and strengthened me. Love and light to you now and always.

God bless you and have a great day! 


 This is however coming few days after Femi Fani-Kayode unveiled his new girlfriend, Nerita at his sons’ birthday party. 


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