Ambassador Dr. Solomon Gembeh–Our big brother Nigeria have spent $13 billion to resolve our conflicts in Sierra Leone and West Africa in general~details below


Amb.Solomon Gembeh 

 The Sierra Leone ambassador Solomon Gembeh has expressed gratitude to Nigeria for the the assistance rendered to restore peace in his country 

In his statement he said, “We are highly indebted to our big brother Nigeria for to have spent $13 billion to resolve our conflicts and in West Africa nations in general which I know that Liberal is not exempted” 

Mr Gembeh who reveals this in an interview said, “Sierra Leone will never forget the big brother role played by Nigeria in the wars that had engulfed the two countries” 

In the 90’s Nigeria military junta sent her soldiers and resources in assisting Sierra Leone to help ameliorate country’s political crisis. 

Nigerian troops also assisted Liberia, led the regional Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) Ceasefire Monitoring Group (ECOMOG) forces to push back the rebels.

Nigeria also played a vital role in the quenching of Liberian civil war that broke out in 1990, where over 10,000 soldiers were deployed to the regional peacekeeping mission, ECOMOG.

In addition Nigeria provided other forms of support aside from establishing a refugee camp in Oru, Ogun State, for displaced people of the West African nation.

Mr Gembeh, while speaking with the NAN in Abuja, on Sunday, expressed his gratitude for the role Nigeria played had outweighed the support it received from Western nations.

He further noted that “Nigeria’s assistance came out of goodwill, with nothing demanded in return, rather than a situation where such assistance was paid through the staking of national assets” 


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