Bandits has demand foodstuffs from Parents of the abducted Bethel Baptist High School pupil in Kaduna State~details below



The abductors of 121 students of Bethel Baptist High School, Maraban Rido, Kaduna State, have called on the parents and of management demanding of foodstuffs 

According father of one of the abducted students, who were interviewed by news correspondent on condition of dialogues with the abductors, 

He alleged that the school asked parents to pay any amount they could afford. He further alleged that there was panic among the parents. 

When they learned that the bandits threatened to starve the students to death if the items were not provided as demanded.

The bandits contacted the school management on Wednesday evening and specified the quantity of foodstuffs they wanted.

According to report an official of the school alleged that, the bandits had asked the parents must supply 35 bags of rice, 20 bags of beans and 11 kegs of palm oil, 8 cartons of Maggie. 

These were the items demanded by the abductors and asked parents and management of the school to make sure it’s complete.

But the parents of the abductees began to wonder do bandits eat this much?


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