Eid Kabir–President Buhari shocked over hike in ram and other food items in the country~details below



The President Muhammadu Buhari has on Monday lamented over the hike in ram and other food items in the country 

The President who Made this comment on Monday alleged that, the country as we all know is facing some economic quandary
President Buhari charges food sellers to be honest and diligent when selling food produce in the country, “some Nigerians and can not afford ram then what is the essence of increasing price?”
Muhammadu Buhari further alleges “that in this Eid Kabir season, Muslim faithfuls are expected to act in accordance to what the Holy Quran teaches and not deviate from the teaches of the Prophet Muhammad”
Additionally, the president also blames some Nigerians “who lack the spirit of patriotism and disciplines intentionally increase their food produce is not the right way to go.”
President Buhari who further “alleged that some group of Nigerians in this trying times deliberately buy lot of cows and rams above the normal price to celebrate burials and other ceremonies and this encourages some food sellers and cattle sellers to hike their prices.”


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