Femi Falana–We refuse to let president Buhari take us back to his military regime~details below


Impressively so many notable Nigerians all over the globe has been voicing out against the injustice Nigerians are going through following the insecurity, and economic viscosity and social unrest. 

Femi Falana Human Rights Lawyer and senior advocate of Nigeria “SAN” has on Tuesday said that Nigeria will resist every attempt by President Buhari’s led administration to revising the country back to 1985 era. 

Femi Falana, dispatch this comment at the 13th Wole Soyinka Centre Media Lecture Series to commemorate his 87th birthday, 

According to Femi Falana the treatment meted out to Nnamdi Kanu and Sunday Igboho is synonymous to what happened in 1984 when a Nigerian politician was abducted.

“We should not allow Buhari’s government to take us back to 1984 when an attempt was made to kidnap Umaru Diko in London. 

He had already been kidnapped and on the way to airport, a neighbor saw them and raised alarm after witnessing the inhuman treatment he was subjected to.

“In the case of Kanu, Kenya government cannot admit that on their soil a Nigerian was taken out of the country without going through the legal process” 

“It’s likely they drugged him to sleep and brought him back to Nigeria. That is against the anti-torture act and Nigeria’s constitution” 

“Therefore, those who say they brought Kanu back through some international collaboration are not saying the truth. Interpol cannot deport without due process”

“He insisted that those who say people will not be allowed to protest are just joking and are still living in military era, “even during the era of Babangida and Abacha people still protested because it’s their right.” 


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