Gov Zulum support power shift to southern region despite northern elders rejection~details below


 The Governor of Borno Babagana zulum has on Wednesday urges support for the power zoning to return to Southern region of Nigeria despite the rejection of the zoning by Northern elders. 

This came after the meeting of Southern Nigeria governors in Lagos. 

The governors demanded that the Southern region of Nigeria should produce the next president in 2023 based on the principles of equity and fairness. 

According to Governor Zulum, the Southern leaders have the right to demand power shift to the region. 

 “I have said it times without number that I, Professor Babagana Zulum, I am of the view that the presidency should go to the south in the year 2023 because the unity of our country is very important”

“Secondly, inclusivity is very important. Thirdly, I am in the party (APC). Six or seven years ago, APC had zoned the presidency to northern Nigeria based on the agreement that in the year 2023, the presidency should go to the South” 

“But again, this is politics. We are supposed to meet and deliberate on this issue among ourselves, among the political class”

he explained, as he called for caution so as not to escalate the political affairs of the nation, he said. 


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