Lagos state university teaching hospital LUTH has issued a deadline for the family of the deposited deceased in the mortuary to come pick them up~details below



This is to inform members of the public whose deceased relatives were deposited in the mortuary of the Lagos University Teaching Hospital to come forward with necessary proof to collect the bodies within four weeks of this publication.”

This notice was signed by one Omolola Fakeye on behalf of LUTH Chief Medical Director, Prof Bode Chris, had warned that, the hospital would liaise with the appropriate government authorities immediately after the deadline to conduct mass burial for the unclaimed bodies.

 “without further recourse to the families or relatives,” urging the concerned relations to “take note.”

Over 124 corpses abandoned at LUTH mortuary risk mass burial unless relatives claim them on time. 

The fate of 124 corpses abandoned at the morgue of the Lagos University Teaching Hospital, Idi-Araba, Lagos, is about to be sealed through a mass burial except their families claim the bodies early enough.  

the pressing situation prompted the hospital management to decide on a mass burial for them.

so that they can recover the bodies. The management will engage them and we have been magnanimous to quite a number of them. It had happened before and we were all happy about it.

“Some people may owe N1m and the management will just tell them to pay N250,000 which is about 75 per cent discount. Without discounts, the bill for the unclaimed 29 corpses is up to N5m. Quite a number of the relatives owe the hospital other than mortuary bills. 

They owe bills as regards ICU (intensive care unit), blood transfusion, drugs and admission. If they come, the management will waive all those ones for them. The CMD has been kind enough to waive those bills.”

Momoh stated that the impression by many people that LUTH was hostile and could detain hospital debtors was wrong, saying that the management was always open to mutual engagement.

He said, “All you need to do is to engage the management. We will discuss, slash the bill and even give terms. For example, out of N600,000, we may tell them to pay N200,000 and out of it, they may be asked to pay N50,000 deposit and pay the remaining N150,000 over a period of one year. It is a relaxed form of payment because we understand it is not a kind of payment the relatives are glad to make.

“Perception of LUTH by the general public is that the hospital will not agree to terms and will compel them to pay everything and even detain them. But that is completely far from the truth. If they can’t approach the CMD, they can approach the department and we will facilitate interaction with the CMD. He is even softer than most of us. They should feel free to come.

“We empathise with them and whatever amount they owe, the management knows how to make it easy for them. It is not good for our culture as Africans that bodies of our loved ones are being joined for mass burial. Those who lost their babies should come to retrieve the bodies.”



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