UK legislator and Ghanian law maker fights over LGBTQ ban in Ghana~details below


 LGBT controversies is becoming more intense and worrisome to the African people as it’s seems to be a thing of force rather than choice.

Former UK legislator Seb Dance fights with Ghanian law maker Sam George on Twitter over the campaign to criminalize LGBTQ in the country (Ghana)

Recall that the UK government had issued some warnings to Ghana for the attempted ban on the practice of LGBTQ practices in Ghana. 

This draws the attention of some celebrities all over the globe including former Ghanian footballer Michal Essien, and the UK movie star Idris Elba also kick against the act

In response to the UK politician the Ghanian law maker Sam George fires back 

“why don’t UK legalize polygamy that is practice in African from immemorial just like the way they are trying to force the legalisation of gay-marriage (LGBTQ) to Africans” he said.

Ghana just like some other African countries fighting hard to prohibit the practice of LGBTQ in Africa as it is legalized in Asia and some parts of European countries.

This leads to the both politicians mincing words at each other on Twitter.


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