Wole Soyinka: dismissed rumors of his defection from PDP~details below


 Prof Wole Soyinka has wink off the allege rumor of his Defection from the People’s Democratic Party (PDP).

Soyinka who responded to the allegation through his spokesman Abiola Owoaje, made it clear to Nigerians to disregard such rumors and treat it as another case of identity theft.

The prof opined that he has made no comment on any political party for years.

The statement reads in part: “Here we go again! Treat as yet another case of Identity Theft”

“I have made no statement whatsoever on party defections or indeed on any political party fortunes or misfortunes in the past three to four years.” 

“Once again, I urge Nigerians to have the courage of their convictions and stop acting like the contemptible cowards and opportunistic hustlers that infest the social media.”


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