Australian government evacuating more than 54 athletes from Afghanistan~details below


 The Afghanistan crisis worsens with too many restrictions and religious extremism, where women and girls have been restricted from going to school or even socialize.

Recall some days ago where Afghanistan women and children were spotted trying to flee to Iran 

The restrictions on Afghanistan female gender from the participation in sports or even socialize with the outside world is becoming more intense as their rights are being abused and limited.

The injustice being meted on the women by the Taliban government has raises concerns all over the world following the Islamic Sharia law that was introduced where the Afghanistan women’s rights must be according to the Sharia laws.

The Australian government has evacuated more than 54 athletes away from the country as the crises deepens.

The Taliban army are still not relenting in the search for Afghanistan armies that provided informations for the US army.

The athletes arrived Australia safely as many more athletes are to be evacuated from Afghanistan. 


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