Cholera–Nigeria state capital ‘Abuja’ becomes highest hit~details below



According report Nigeria Centre for Diseases and Control (NCDC) has recorded over 37,819 cases of cholera in the Northern part of Nigeria following the unhygienic sanitary usage that has contributed to the high risk of contracting the disease. 

Dr. Chikwe Ihekweazu the General Director, Nigeria Center for Diseases and Control (NCDC) said that “in seventeen states over 1,017 have died so far from the cholera cases since the beginning of the month of January, the cholera pandemic figure has risen drastically” 

Currently Nigeria is at the apex countries practicing open-defecation ahead of India becoming second position worldwide.

According to the Nigeria Center for Diseases and control (NCDC), “poor drinking water has contributed immensely in the risen cases of the cholera pandemic which might become a bigger threat than the Covid19 pandemic is causing fear amongst citizens”

The Nigerian State capital ‘Abuja’ has reportedly become the biggest hit with the cholera pandemic as over 17 states were said to be affected.

Additionally NCDC has warned that action should be taken to control the spread of this disease before it becomes unmanageable, a public enlightenment has been issued to residents to make use of a hygienic drinking water and desist from the practice of open-defecation that has the order of the day.


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