HISBAH–has condemned the exposure gown wore by Zahra Yusuf Buhari at her bridal shower~details below


 The Islamic police (HISBAH) has criticize the gown zahra Ado Bayero the fiance to Yusuf Buhari, the son of President Muhammadu Buhari for the exposure up-shoulder gown she wore. 

Zahra who put on the up-shoulder cloths that exposes a bit tip of her chest and shoulder, she wore the expensive gown during her bridal shower.

According to Sheik Haruna Ibn Sina the chairman of Islamic Police who disclosed this to BBC saying that, the daughter of the Emir “Zahra” is a Muslim and she is not above the law.
“she is supposed to lead by example if she really wants blessings for her marriage, in Islam no one is above the law be it rich or poor, he said”
Haruna while speaking said “Muslim women wearing clothes that exposes their body is not permitted in Islam and is against the teachings of the ‘Holy Quran’.” 
He further said that, “sharing and posting of the photos and videos on social media is a sin and goes against the teachings of Prophet Muhammad, he said.” 


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