Lagos state government set up taskforce to end street begging and hawking~details below


The Lagos State government have set up taskforce to stop street trading and prohibit illegal street begging in disguise to create criminality and instability in the state. 

A statement by the Lagos State government alleging that “some of the beggars are involved in day and night robbery and assaulting of Lagosians”

According to investigation carried out by the lagos state government, “a result showed that hawkers and beggars popularly known as (Amajiri) are discreetly deported from northern part of the country into Edo State and Lagos State majorly and some other Southern States for begging business”

Recall that the previous year during the Covid19 pandemic locked down several truck drivers was arrested for trying to transport people load up in trucks from the Northern part of the country to East mid-night, as two trucks was arrested in Rivers State while transporting people from the north to South. 

Following the investigation Carried out has been confirmed that over 50 vehicles filled up with cattles, perishable goods and persons of incapabilities depart Northern part to the Southern part and South West.

These set of people include blind elderly men and women between the age of 40-70, children between the age of 7-13. some of the beggars are completely handicap and can not walk but sit on wheel chair to beg on the streets. 

Further investigation revealed also alleged that, these beggars are used for business by some culprit individuals. 

Additionally the Lagos State government further said the taskforce will commence work very soon and will bring anyone that is involved to book. 



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