NDA attack terrorists kill two and Abduct one in Nigeria defense academy in Kaduna~details below


 Just few days bandits killed 12 people in Kaduna State the Nigerian Defense academy headquarter in Kaduna has been attacked by bandits again.

According to report the bandits came in large numbers shooting sporadically towards the entrance as they were approaching until they over powered the security personnels at the entrance.

In a statement by the NDA PRO he said “we lost two personnels and one was abducted” 

“security personnels have gone after the gunmen who break the security protocols” 

After a run-off shooting at the (NDA) headquarter, it was confirmed that two security men was killed and one abducted during the attack while other personnels fled for safety the bandits cart away with their cattles and weapons.

It was alleged that the bandits were armed with sophisticated weapons in large numbers, the attack occurred on Monday Night. 

Kaduna State has been overweighted by bandits following numerous reports of reports launched in all the communities in the as citizens can no longer move freely. 


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