Residents fear death as 63 people died from cholera disease in Kaduna~details below


 A number of 63 people have died so far from cholera disease in Kaduna State with over 500 children falling sick every day. 

Residents are relocating from their home town due to the fear of the disease, the disease which killed 25 people in the month of July has increased drastically with rising new levels of cases of infection. 
The government of Kaduna State Nasir El-Rufai have sent a delegation to enlighten the people on the aspect of sanitization and living in a dirty free environment.
The delegates also educate residents to maintain hygienic environment and keep their food away from flies or rodents, keep their rest room clean.
Governor El Rufai has also told residents to be calm and adhere to the hygienic protocol issued to them by medical, that medication is on the way and will soon get to them.
Since the outbreak of the cholera disease according to report children are the most vulnerable and has about 10 percent patients from the disease. 


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