Brazil and Argentina players clashes in Sao Paulo over covid-19 pandemic protocols~details below


 Three Argentina players were held back from participating on the game on Sunday between Brazil and Agentina by health officials who walked in to the pitch to stop the match for not following the covid-19 pandemic protocols.

According to Antonio Barra Torres, the president of the Brazilian Health Regulatory Agency Anvisa, he said that they provided a paper forgery at the entry form which undermined the covid-19 pandemic protocols.

“By decision of the referee, the match between Brazil and Argentina at the World Cup qualifiers organised by FIFA is suspended, South American ruling body CONMEBOL said that world governing body FIFA would decide what should be the next step to take.”

The president of Argentinian football federation (AFA) Claudio Tapia, added that, “what happened is unfortunate for football.”

“Four FIFA personell walked to the pitch to interrupt the game with a notification, and CONMEBOL asked the players to go to the locker room.”

Anvisa had previously asked the federal police to send away Emiliano Martinez, Emiliano Buendia, Cristian Romero, and Giovani Lo Celso for allerge neglecting the COVID-19 pandemic protocols.

However, just before the match, the AFA and the Brazilian government reached an agreement, and the players were allowed to participate in the game. Torres denied the agreement, insisting that “These players must be deported.”

According to news portal G1, the federal police tried to reach the players in the hotel and then in the locker room but were not allowed by AFA.

The four players are from the English Premier League (EPL) and travellers cannot enter Brazil if they have been in the country 14 days before the trip.

“We got to this point because they did not comply with the Anvisa guidelines,” Torres said.

Anvisa said in a statement released before the game it had asked the federal police to “take action immediately.”

Before travelling to Sao Paulo, the players declared they were in Venezuela, but Anvisa said non-official sources informed that this statement was not true.

However, “After meeting with health authorities, it was confirmed, following a passport check of the four players involved, that the athletes disrespected travelling rules,” Anvisa said


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