China have deployed over 19 fighter jets into Taiwan airspace~details below


On Sunday, Taiwan’s defence ministry reported that 19 Chinese fighter jets flew entered its airspace. According to Reuters, there was no immediate comment from China as they remain mute over the activities.

Mean while a map provided by Taiwan defence ministry shows that, the Chinese fighter jets “flew in an area closer to the Chinese than the Taiwanese coast.”

The country has been waving suspicious eyebrows over China’s military activities close to its airspace for more than a year, around its Pratas Islands.

Taiwan’s defence stated that the Chinese military planes included ten J-16, four Su-30 fighters, four H-6 bombers, and an anti-submarine aircraft were on sight.

Following the incursion of the China’s aircraft into its airspace, Taiwan had dispatched its combat aircraft and deployed its missile systems to monitor their  activities.

Recall that on June 15, China launched 28 military aircraft near Taiwan’s airspace, the largest incursion to date.

A source alleged that, the Chinese often mounted “such missions to express displeasure at something Taiwan has done or at shows of international support for the democratically ruled island, especially by the United States, Taiwan’s main arms provider.”

However, it was  noted that, the U.S. warship and Coast Guard cutter sailing through the Taiwan Strait late last month might have prompted China’s latest military activity.

Additionally, Taiwan’s defence ministry raised the alarm last week that China’s threat was growing and could “paralyse” its defences system.


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