Citizens of Guinea celebrates former president Alpha Condé’s arrest~details below


 Barely few days of military usurpation of government in Guinea in a coup d’etat by Colonel Mamady Doumbouya from former president Alpha Conde who has been subjected to penitentiary.

The former president Alpha Conde who has been in Government for 11 years from 21 December, 2010, to September 2021 and the situation of Guinea has been very terrible.

Former president Alpha Condé has been a major opposition to succession of government in Guinea for decades. There are numerous allegations that last general election in Guinea was rigged by former president Alpha Condé

In 2019 he seem to pave a way for a new term at the age of 82 years by lifting constitutional ban on third candidacy, while the citizens described the scenero as “power-drunk.”

However, the military ousting of government from the 83 years former president of Guinea “Alpha Condé” has brought a jubilation in Guinea as citizens took to the street in celebration of his arrest.

Mean while, the leader of the coup which ousted Guinea’s President Alpha Condé has said that a new “union” government would be formed in weeks.

This was made known from the video of the coup leader circulating all the social medias, although the military has not decided yet to hand over the control of government to a civilian leadership.


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