Nigeria military dislodged bandits attack in Zamfara State leaving many dead~details below


 Just few days Nigeria Communication Commission (NCC) shut down the operation of telecommunication providers in Zamfara State it has proven to be a great strategy to fight terrorism, banditry and kidnapping in the state.

This strategy has helped the Nigeria army to dislodged   a number of bandits that tried to launch an attack on one of the villages in Zamfara State as Nigeria security quickly came to curtail the attack.

According to report, the bandits came in numbers but the villagers were able to withstand the attack until the security officers came to the scene eradicate the bandits.

After exchanging of gun fires a numbers of the bandits were captured leaving many others dead several Ak47 assaulted rifles with over 50 locally made pistols and a machine gun were recovered from the bandits.


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