Protesters hit Edo State secretariat over covid-19 vaccine~detals below


Mass protesters which include professionals (doctors, lawyers and civil servants), motorist and pedestrians blocked the Benin Supele road and the entrance of Edo State Secretariat.

Some of the placards bore inscriptions like; “We need security in Edo, not vaccine; We will resist any form of executive rascality; Hunger is killing us, not COVID-19; My body is my right.”

The protesters has showed displeasure over the coercive method and processes of covid-19 vaccination in the state which has vigorously violated the right of the people.

Recall that, Edo State governor Godwin Obaseki has issued an order no public workers in the state should be allowed to resume office if they are not vaccinated.
This has brought lot of confusions as citizens of the state raise eyebrows  protesting after when public servant who do not have the proof of covid-19 vaccination card were denied access to their offices and people who are not vaccinated were also not allowed to enter public institutions.
While speaking to reporters, the angry protesters danced at the entrance of Edo State secretariat as they allerge that, “it is demonic and diabolical to force people to participate in covid-19 vaccination against their will”
They further allerge that, “it is against the right of the people in a democratic state to be using force in the vaccination process against their will. Mean while, during the time of distribution of covid-19 palliatives the people did not receive any of the palliatives so why force them to get vaccinated?”
However, one of the protesters explained that, “there has been cases of covid-19 vaccination implications which has made the people to be scared to get vaccinated and the governor should embrace humility and persuasion techniques to let those who wishes to be vaccinated participate, Rather than using coercive means which is not acceptable, the protester said.


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