Put on your thinking cap Nyesom Wike blast Bello Masari over VAT~details below


 The governor of Rivers State Nyesom Wike, has responded to the statement made by Katsina State governor Bello Masari as “unfortunate” following the actions of conspiring with the federal government to keep up with the status quo over the collection of Value Added Tax (VAT).

Governor Masari who had earlier threatened to file appeal to the federal high court ruling directing the Rivers government to begin collecting VAT in the oil-rich state.

Mean while, during an interview with news men on Monday, governor Wike said, “Mr Masari’s support was helping the federal government and self-imposed tax master-general to “rob Peter to pay Paul.”

Wike describe the actions of Katsina State governor as laziness to create economic progress for his state, saying that governors like Mr Masari should put on their “thinking caps” as elected officials and advocate for further devolution of resources.

He further explained that to achieve fiscal federalism, which remains the right path to economic self-reliance and sustainability for all the states, federating states need more powers.

Additionally he said, “All that is required is for all of us to wear our thinking caps as elected Governors to collectively fight for the greater devolution of resources, responsibilities and powers to the federating states,” Mr Wike said in reference to Mr Masari earlier statement.


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