We are demolishing market shanties and sanctuaries to reduce crime–Wike~details below


  The governor of Rivers State Nyesom Wike had made remarkable statements over the week that wowed the citizens of Rivers State. 

The Governor has vowed to reduce criminality and banditry in the state by ongoing demolition of some market shanties and sanctuaries that is borne out of the compelling need to reduce crimes and safeguard lives and properties in the state.

According to report the Rivers State Government in August ordered the demolition of popular shanties market known as the “Trans-Amadi/Oginigba Slaughter Market” in Port Harcourt on Thursday.

Governor Wike further explained that, there is the  need to evacuate the state of all shanties; saying that  criminals were using shanties as hideouts after committing numerous diabolical crimes.

In his statement he said, “We wish to reiterate that the ongoing demolition of shanties was borne out of the compelling need to safeguard lives and property across the State,” 

“Our objective, which is gradually achieving is to deny the criminals these sanctuaries and hideouts from which they embark on their criminal activities and safely return to,” he said.

Governor Nyesom Wike made these statement in a statewide broadcast on Monday in the state capital, Port harcourt.

However, the Governor has vowed that his administration will not be faced by blackmail fuelled by ethnic and religious sentiments or condole criminality in the State.

Governor Wike further said that, “We therefore refuse to be blackmailed by those unpatriotic elements who are trying to stir false ethnic, religious or tribal sentiments around our patriotic commitment to advance the safety and security of residents.”

Recall that the governor of Rivers State had earlier said that, criminality, banditry or terrorism will not be welcomed and housed in his State and his administration will do everything in its power to eradicate all forms of criminality in the State.



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