Zubby Michael blast Annie Idibia for reporting her marital affairs to the social media~details below


 popular Nollywood actor Zubby Michael has blasted Annie Idibia the wife of the Nigeria music icon popularly known by his stage name Tuface Idibia.

according to Zubby Michael he said, Annie took a very wrong step by bringing her marital dispute to the social media, a dispute that should be resolved within the couples is now being brought to the out side world to judge.

Zubby further noted that it is wrong for a woman to report her marital affairs to the social media and to the public to comment on it.

he further said that, if Annie Idibia is a woman who fear and respect God she wouldn’t do such a thing, because husband and wife are one and any dispute that erupted between them should be resolved within them or better still there are better ways to go about it rather than going to the social media to post it online for people both good and bad to comment on it is totally wrong, he said. 


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